Pre-Tex Impregnated Wash Cloths
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The Washcloth Evolution

From Dry To 


The technology of the printing press manufacturers has been following the progressive use of pre-impregated washrolls for many years. Today this technology is widely applied all over the world. We should not exclude the possibility that, in the near future, the continuous restrictions of the environmental regulations linked to the ecological impact in the working environment, will lead to the total elimination of the use of disperion wash solvents in the printroom.

  • No Mechanical Review Of Nozzles.

  • No Maintenance Of Valves

  • No Cleaning of Grippers or Bars Due To Deposits From Spayers.

  • Less Maintenance.

LESS Water

Much less water used in the press


Lower cloth consumption for the same number of washes.

LESS Solvent

No dispersion solvents in the printroom, solvent is contained in the Pre-Tex rolls.

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This is a simple free spindle replacement manoeuvre to convert your washing system from a dry cloth to Pre-Tex you need to modify the original spindle of the press or replace it with a new one, depending on the washing system installed in the press.

Type of Cloth         Metres     Total No of Washes

Dry Cloth                9,20m              22 Washes

Pre_Tex                   8,40m              40 Washes

Pre-Tex is unbeatable !

With a simple test you will have clear evidence of a considerable saving  of time and a surprising number of washes !

Moreover, by eliminating the internal washing system, you will have a significant reduction of maintenance of the components subject to wear and tear !