"ONE SHOT" Canisters


Total Room Sanitiser

Kills 99.99% Bacteria & Viruses

Tested to EN14476 for Viruses

"One Shot" is fully tested, approved & certified to kill Covid-19 ( SARS-CoV-2)

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Benefits of using


Eliminates bacteria & viruses

Broad spectrum disinfector, kills 99.99% bacteria, viruses etc

Neutralises odours

Kills all those stuburn odours from our day to day life.

Ideal to use in vehicles

Worried about what maybe lurking in your vehicle, simply release and wait, ONE SHOT will also decontaminate your air con system.


Use ONE SHOT anywhere

There are no limintations where you can use ONE SHOT, offices, gyms, taxi's, busses, carvans etc.

Lasts for days

After the intial treatment, ONE SHOT will last for days after protecting you from those nasties.

Fully certified

British Standards EN14476.

Very easy & safe to use

Simply place the canister at the location you want to sanitise, release and leave and let it do its magic.


Office Areas


Caravans & Statics

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Private and Public Transport