Hygiene Product Range for COVID-19
Universal Anti-Bacterial Surface & Machine Cleaner


Universal Anti-Bacterial Cleaner is a non-aggressive, general purpose cleaner designed as a printers aid to clean presssroom parts, such as side frames, various metal surfaces and also glass. It can also be used as a manual mild ink remover for a variety of ink types.


The active ingredients include within this product have been shown to combat a broad spectrum of activity against both gram postitve and gram negative bacteria, fungicide and mildewcide. It is also active against enveloped viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV, whilst it maintains efficacy in presence of heavy oraganic soiling such as blood and protein, with good surfactant and wetting properties.


  • Containes Active ingredients that add anti-bacterial protection to various surfaces.

  • Low VOC (<5%) - based on biodegradable solvents and cleaning agents

  • Non-aggressive - wont attack press parts

  • Available in trigger spray bottles for easy application

  • Suitable as mild ink remover for all types of inks

Method of Use

  • Spray onto required area and wipe with a lint free cloth or sponge, leave to dry naturally.

  • For ink cleaning apply manually using a lint free cloth or sponge and wipe over affected area. Once clean allow to evaporate naturally and finish with water if required.

Available Pack Sizes

1Ltr bottles (Trigger Spray Available)

5Litre bottles, Cap fit

Other sizes available on request in quantity.



Please send your request for cost using code MG1000