Wall Gel Dispenser & Gel Refill
Hand Sanitizer Gel & Dispenser

Times we live in

We have entered a world on uncertainty and particularly hand cleaning has become a way of life, we are touching so may surfaces on a daily basis and again uncertain what is lurking there. Using hand sanitizer gel at 70% alcohol strength is adhering to the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) to clean your hands safely, this will become the norm where ever you live, travel or shop.

Pressroom Partners Essentials  PPE Supplies

We are constantly sourcing quality PPE equipment offering our clients and future clients the best service and price. We have good relationships with gel refineries and able to keep a continuous supply through these testing times.

We are supplying robust stainless steel wall mounted dispensers and a constant supply of hand santizer gel which you can placed at strategic points within your premises, giving your tenants, customers & employees peace of mind.

Stainless Steel Gel Dispenser

Brushed Stainless Steel Vertical Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser

Superior quality and timeless design for a prestigious finish in a two tone satin and polished stainless steel.

  • Vertically fitted Gel Dispenser

  • Non drip, one shot action

  • Durable, high quality stainless steel

  • Bulk fill, 800ml of gel

  • Concealed fitting

  • Lockable


Please send your request for cost using code MG1000

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Rainbow Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Decription Rainbow Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Rainbow dispenser is a cost effective hand gel dispenser, for each unit sold a contribution will be given to the NHS towards PPE, this is a good quality, robust hand dispenser.

  • Display 

  • Colours

  • Capacity

  • Material

  • Valve

  • Lockable

  • Attachment

  • Accessories

  • Dimentions

Central display to check the level of the gel​

White colour dispenser and central display to chose between Grey, Blue or Green

800ml, removable glass that makes easier the cleaning of the waste accumulated


Anti-drip system and manual hold-down

Plastic keys

By screwes and dowels to the wall

Bag: 3 dowels, 3 screwes, plastic key and instructions

D115mm x W155mm x H201mm



Please send your request for cost using code MG1000

Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Gel
Sanitiser Station.jpg

Great Features

The height of the dispenser can be adjusted quickly.

Ideal for children or wheelchairs

Extended lever for hands-free "elbow" operational.

Aesthetic and easy-clean design.

Bulk refill, no expensive consumables freestanding and portable.

Add your own message or brand.

Free Standing Modular Sanitizer Dispenser kit includes a sturdy post and base, a hand gel dispenser, mounting frame and an A4 snap frame to place in public spaces. All you need to do is insert a poster, fill up the dispenser with 70% hand gel and its ready to go!


Please send your request for cost using code MG1000

Decription Sanitizer Hand Gel

A waterless 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer designed for frequent use without the need for additional water which will effectively and quickly kill germs, fungi and viruses.

A non-irritant formulation that also contains humectants to help moisture in the skin which is lost through repeated cleaning.

Decription of use

Apply small pea-sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub hands together spreading the gel over the surface of the hands, paying particular attention to the fingernails and in between fingers. Rub for a few seconds until you feel the gel evaporate.



Please send your request for cost using code MG1000

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