Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner
Hygienic Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner


A gentle hand cleaner solution based on carefully selected soaps and detergents to help reduce the spread of infection and germs, whilst containing humectants to help retain moisture in the skin.

A solvent free formulation based on natural biodegradable ingredients, making it low irritancy and kinder to the skin. Contains anti-bacterial additives for added protection and regular use helps to promote individual hygiene especially through these testing times.

Method of use

  • Simply dispense hand cleaner into palm and rub together in hands whilst adding hot water. The latest government recommendations suggest a minimum of 20 seconds should be spent washing hands, ensuring rubbing into the fingernails and between the fingers in particular.

  • When water isn't available to wash your hands we recommend using our hand sanitizer gel as an alternative on-the-go solution.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 500ml with dispenser

  • 5 Litre refill bottles with caps



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