SpeedyDry high performance ink additive is a revolutionary drying formula which greatly accelerates the drying rate in inks. As an efficient catalyst for cross-linking reactions,

SpeedyDry is far more effective than our competitors. The key to our patent pending formula is an innovative chemical mix which greatly increases the solubility of our catalyst in ink.

This increase in solubility creates two distinct advantages:
1) Catalysts are more uniformly distributed to cross-linking initiation sites.
2) Drier concentration may be increased substantially without risk of phase separation.


SpeedyDry allows printers to reduce production time on jobs. Furthermore, printers reap this benefit without sacrificing the overall quality of the job. In addition to reduced ink drying times (by as much as 75% on most substrates), Speedy Dry allows for the use of very difficult ink substrate combinations. Thus, printers become more competitive in the marketplace, as they can offer a wider range of print possibilities.

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