Pressroom Products

On this page you will find the products you need to keep your pressroom productive and cost effective, from printing ink to pressroom consumables. All the pressroom products we supply are renowned for quality and reliability. Please call us on  01924 444902 or fill in the ‘ask us a question’ form on the right for more information, technical advice or to place and order

Printing Inks

We stock and supply a complete range of printing inks from leading European manufacturers:.

Siegwerk pressroom products branding


Siegwerk is a world-leading supplier of printing ink for packaging and publications. With sales of 1bn Euros and 4,600 employees, Siegwerk strive to exceed customers’ expectations for quality and reliability.

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Ask us about the range of Low Migration Inks for Food Packaging and Pharmaceuticals that meet legislation conforming to Swiss Ordinance.

Vanson Pressroom Products logo

For generations, Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance
in pressrooms around the world.

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Special Mixed Colours

x-rite_exact-200_2We have a fully equipped ink mixing and lab facility for UV and conventional inks. Our team provide a quick turn round service for UV and conventional spot colours. We have a separate mixing area for producing low migration and food packaging inks.
With our experience in dealing with major brands and supermarkets we provide our customers accurate and consistent results
Having recently invested in the very latest in colour matching equipment and software we are fully equipped to match colours using only spectral data and CXF Files if the customer requires this.

Understanding your requirements is far more than just taking an order. By asking the right questions we get it right first time.

Coatings and Varnishes

Our UV Tech UV curable lacquers and our Aquatech range of Waterbased Coatings are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials for optimum performance and highest safety standards.
Coatings for every print requirement from roller coat for trade finishers to low migration food packaging coatings, from heat-set web inline magazine covers to in-mould labels.

Fount Solutions

FOGRA compliant Fount solutions from Leading brand manufacturers. Sheetfed fountain solutions for printing with reduced IPA dosage or even totally alcohol free. For small presses, large presses, printing at low speed or printing at high speed. We offer fountains for almost every need.



Pressroom Chemistry

Pressroom Partners supply roller and blanket washes for all applications.
From low flash point manual washes to High flashpoint washes for automatic systems.
Water miscible, none water miscible and Low VOC Environmental washes.

Blankets and Blanket packing

We stock a comprehensive range of high quality printing and stripping blankets for commercial printing, Packaging, Web offset, Business forms.

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Wash Cloths

Impregnated and Dry Cleaning Cloths for Automatic Blanket Cleaning. Lint-free surface smooth and soft surface for effective and gentle cleaning, Excellent absorbance capability for inks, solvents, dust and water, Precise winding and constant tension – even unwinding without interruptions.

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Pre-Press Products

We supply a wide range of printing plates and chemicals from Kodak  Agfa  and Fuji


Ink Additives, Pantone Books, Plate Cleaners, Spray Powders, Printers Wipes, Hand Cleaners, Gloves, etc