UV offset white

Let’s face it… few things in life are as terrifying and bewildering as that pre-Christmas visit to the perfume and cosmetic departments to get the perfect gift! It’s not just us poor beleaguered shoppers though, luxury packaging has its own particular challenges when it comes to quality printing, and as ever, Siegwerk has the answer. UV Offset Opaque White Formulated […]


For UV screen printing of labels, you can’t go wrong with Siegwerk’s Opaque White 124. Famed for its adhesion qualities on differing materials, it also has high opacity with good quality scratch resistance. Product information: Series: 78-6 Opaque White 124 Product number: 81-010295-4 This product continues to gain respect within the industry for its consistency of quality results. It has […]


For high coverage and homogeneous white areas without either pinholes or an orange peel effect, consideration needs to be given to both the choice of anilox roller and viscosity, to ensure the highest quality of print. Anilox roller and layer thickness The challenge is to achieve the optimum opaque white surfaces. Siegwerk have researched this and discovered the anilox roller […]

Wash Cloths 2

Cleaning Cloth for Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems – pre-impregnated or dry Heidelberg, Ryobi, Komori, Roland, KBA, Akiyama, Sakurai Pre impregnated rolls for Automatic Blanket Cleaning Key Features and Benefits: Cleaning cloth with stable structure Efficient cleaning power with very low consumption – down to 50% less Very high flash point above 140°C for safe and convenient working conditions Excellent absorbance […]


SpeedyDry high performance ink additive is a revolutionary drying formula which greatly accelerates the drying rate in inks. As an efficient catalyst for cross-linking reactions, SpeedyDry is far more effective than our competitors. The key to our patent pending formula is an innovative chemical mix which greatly increases the solubility of our catalyst in ink. This increase in solubility creates […]

press chemistry

  Offset printing is still a very complex process. The relationship between ink, paper and fountain solution remains all-important, if one of the links in the chain is broken the end result will be compromised.   The fount additive has many functions: Controlling the ink/water emulsion Keeping ink out of non-image areas Maintaining a constant pH Desensitising the printing plate […]


 Pressroom Partners are pleased to announce a new premium wide format ink jet inks Engineered to deliver incredible print quality and striking color brilliance. They are specially designed for today’s high performance wide format printers. Van Son Ink Jet features include: Van Son’s “Any Color, Any Time” Compatibility with OEM Inks Backed by Van Son’s Limited Warranty Does not effect […]


Process: Conventional sheet-fed offset Application: Food packaging Series: Tempo NUTRIPACK 2 Nestlé has given its approval to this low odour and low migration sheet-fed offset series for the use on Cailler’s chocolate packaging materials. Cailler is one of Nestlé’s famous chocolate brands in Switzerland. Cailler produces approximately 14’000 tons of chocolate per year, sold in tablet forms and finest pralines […]


Process: UV offset Application: Sleeves, IML Series: Sicura PLAST NUTRITEC Lowest possible migration, barely perceptible odour and very good adhesion on plastic substrates – these are the outstanding characteristics of this new series. Sicura PLAST NUTRITEC is the result of further developing the proven Sicura PLAST LM series. Use of the latest generation of photoinitiators and binders makes this series […]

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Although it’s not just a box of Blankets……! At Pressroom Partners, we supply everything you need to ensure your pressroom runs smoothly. Added to which, our team are extremely experienced in the industry. We are valued by our customers for our technical and product knowledge. Please find below details of the blankets we supply. Click on the product for more […]