IST chooses SICURA LITHO LED to print its Customer Magazine IST METZ in Germany, a leading company in the field of UV dryers, has selected the SICURA LITHO LED offset series for printing the latest issue of its customer magazine Special-IST. More and more printers are switching from conventional offset to LED UV offset looking for higher productivity, high contrast […]

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Pressroom Partners provide a quick turn-round service for conventional and UV spot colours. We have a fully equipped ink mixing and lab facility for UV and conventional inks. Our team provide a quick turn round service for UV and conventional spot colours. We have a separate mixing area for producing low migration and food packaging inks. With our experience in dealing with […]

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Offset printing is still a very complex process. The relationship between ink, paper and fountain solution remains all-important, if one of the links in the chain is broken the end result will be compromised. Regularly having your press chemistry professionally checked will save you time and money, as well as keeping your pressroom running at the optimum. Fount Additives The […]


  SpeedyDry high performance ink additive is a revolutionary drying formula which greatly accelerates the drying rate in inks. As an efficient catalyst for cross-linking reactions, SpeedyDry is far more effective than our competitors. The key to our patent pending formula is an innovative chemical mix which greatly increases the solubility of our catalyst in ink. This increase in solubility […]


SonaDry overview Known to have the industry’s widest Critical Tone Temperature, SonaDry will resist toning and mottle in a broad range from 20ºC to 35ºC. Developed to deliver excellent press stability, quicker drying times and lower heat build-up, SonaDry also delivers less downtime and higher productivity. Enjoy brighter, more balanced print jobs that include colour detail sure to please your […]


Are you working toward or certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard? NEW PRIME BIO from Vanson. Environmentally friendly 4 Colour Process ink. PrimeBIO is the leading process series for printers producing printed matter for customers sensitive to the use of restricted substances and concerned with the environment and health and safety. PrimeBIO utilizes up to 75% renewable resources, is cobalt […]

Digital printing inks

We are proud to announce that we are able to supply all your digital printing requirements as well as your Litho supplies.   With our new digital offering from Van Son we can offer you: European made, reliable, consistent, high quality printing ink Plug and Play solution, they can work alongside OEM inks and can be introduced without interruption to […]

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There has been much in the press recently about the possible risks to health of BPA (Bisphenol A), a synthetic compound found primarily in plastic items such as refillable drinks bottles, the coatings of food and drink cans and certain inks and varnishes. The compound exhibits hormone-like qualities that is the cause of concern, and animal testing has found that […]

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It’s not yet 2 years since Siegwerk launched their Sicura Plast Nutritec onto the market. It is used in UV offset processes and is for applications such as food packaging, IML and sleeves. Food compliance confirmed After numerous migration testing analysis were undertaken, it was confirmed that there was a barely perceptible odour and the product has a very good […]

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The world renowned Siegwerk are one of our main suppliers, and we trust their products to be of high quality and reliable. They are the forerunner when it comes to inks for food packaging and there was interesting news recently from a French company that use the Tempo NUTRIPACK 2 in their pressroom. Quality and Quantity The company FP-Pack produces […]