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The world renowned Siegwerk are one of our main suppliers, and we trust their products to be of high quality and reliable. They are the forerunner when it comes to inks for food packaging and there was interesting news recently from a French company that use the Tempo NUTRIPACK 2 in their pressroom.

Quality and Quantity

The company FP-Pack produces a large range of cardboard packaging for the food industry and supply some famous French and international brands. They are printing continuously at 20,000 sheets an hour. The owner Mr. Pouponneau is quoted as saying ‘The NUTRIPACK 2 series provides outstanding results both in terms of technical properties, its ease of use, and machine stability’.

The quality of the NUTRIPACK 2 series goes a long way in enabling FP-Pack to produce at such a consistently high volume.

Thinking Forward

In their article Siegwerk also described how FP-Pack’s ethos was towards being an environmentally sound company, printing alcohol-free with low-migration, vegetable based inks from renewable sources. They also use the water-based varnishes FIX RAPID from Siegwerk.
It goes to show that Siegwerk’s continual research and development, together with their innovative approach to inks and their applications, make them the supplier of choice for many a pressroom.

If you would like to know more about Siegwerk products and inks for the food packaging industry, please get in touch.